Competitive Classes

Footsteps Dance Competition Companies attend competitions such as; 2015-05-07 20.05.53Legacy, Starpower, Nexstar, Masquerade, Starquest and Leap. Dancers have ranked top scores, received special awards and Power Pak  awards- Starpower Competition.  Footsteps has been awarded choreography awards since 2008. Dancers attend local dance conventions such as West  Coast Dance Explosion,  The Pulse, NUVO  and Jump to study with professional dancers and choreographers. Multiple dance scholarships have been awarded to Footsteps Dancers from the dance conventions we attend.showstoppers 2012 014

Competitive dancers start at age 5 up to 19. Contact the studio for detailed information regarding the competition companies. Auditions for the competition companies are August 13-24, 2018 or in September. See the summer schedule for details.

2015-04-12 18.23.43“Why I love the competition companies”   “I auditioned for the competition companies in 2006 and I was 9 years old, and though it really made me nervous to be dancing around all the “big kids”, I auditioned anyway and from there I realized that it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Before I auditioned for the competition companies, all I knew is that I wanted to dance… As much as I possibly could! I just loved to do it so much! But as the years went on… Being in those companies meant so much more than just the dancing. I got to do experiences I never thought I could.. Like learning dances from famous choreographers, competing at several competitions a year, and improving so much as a dancer to the point where I felt confident I could try just about anything. The life learning experiences I gained from Footsteps including self pride, leadership skills, and being a team player will stay with me for life. If you are willing to work hard, the encouragement you receive from everyone in the companies, including the teachers, is unbelievable. But my favorite thing about being in the competition companies would be being able to get the chance to dance with my best friends, not just in rehearsal but on stage… over and over! By joining these companies I have met some of the most amazing, friendly people I have ever known. Being in the competition companies was a dream come true for me and it’s one of the reason Footsteps will always be my 2nd home!” Danielle Schlager Burnsville, MN

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