“Walking into Footsteps Dance Studio years ago, I never would have known I was entering a place that would change my life so significantly. My time as both a competitive and recreational dancer at Footsteps instilled my self-discipline and self-motivation. I would not trade the hours I spent at the studio because it made me into a better dancer as well as a better person. I am now dancing in college and I have received compliments from my professors on my strong ballet technique and overall dance training. I know I would not be the dancer I am today without Footsteps. While I am happy to be off pursing my dreams, I still miss the friendship, love, and homey feel of the studio. The sky certainly is not the limit at Footsteps, and there is something for everyone to experience. Michele and Nicole are dedicated to make sure that every dancer’s dream comes alive.”

Rebecca Stewart       Minneapolis, MN

A dancer’s journey is unique for everyone.  Our daughters began 12 years ago at Footsteps and it has been a very adventurous and exciting journey.  From a young girl with dreams of being a ballerina and twirling around the house to a young lady living those same dreams, the instructors, especially Michele, have been there with her.  They have nurtured and expanded her dreams and helped her realize that her dreams can be a reality.  She has taken all the classes she can at Footsteps from ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and ballet technique to being on the competition teams.  But, through all the years, ballet has been her passion.  This passion has thrived through being involved in the many ballet productions offered to dancing in productions around the Twin Cities.  Her passion led her to Milwaukee this summer to train with the Milwaukee Ballet Intensives.  The training and encouragement she has at Footsteps enables her to continue to reach for her goals and to set new heights in her training.  If ever you find a home where you feel as comfortable as she does, Footsteps Dance Studio is the place.

Jody and Elizabeth Hietpas     Savage, MN

“Our daughter, Alyssa, has been dancing at Footsteps since she was four years old.  It has now been ten years and we could not be happier.  The dance instruction and encouragement she has received over the years has been outstanding.   She has been physically challenged and has been taught discipline and responsibility.  Alyssa takes unlimited classes, student teaches, and has participated in the competition dance companies.  Alyssa is at the studio four to five days a week and as parents one of the things we appreciate the most is that with Michele and Nicole you know your child is cared for and cared about!  Footsteps is more than a dance studio – when you are at Footsteps you are with family.”    

Michael and Julie Jentzsch     Lakeville, MN

“I was looking for a nearby dance studio that provided a variety of adult dance classes & was thrilled to find Footsteps Dance Studio. I’ve been dancing there for 8 years now and love the fun group of adult dancers, the fabulous owners/instructors, and the overall fun atmosphere that Footsteps promotes. Whether younger or older, beginner or experienced, Footsteps is a great place to dance!”    

Vanessa Butenhoff     Savage, MN

“We found Footsteps Dance Studio in January 2006 in hopes of finding a place for our daughter, Thea, to dance.  We’re starting our eighth season at Footsteps.  We have found not only a place for all of our  daughters to dance – but a place where our daughters are able to discover new forms of dance and technique, achieve personal goals, and excel in a safe and encouraging environment.”                        

 Connie and Erick Munson     Farmington, MN

“Our daughter started dancing in 2000 when Footsteps Dance Studio opened – she might have been one of their first summer school students.  From day one she obtained the dance training and overall support that she needed.  Footsteps train their dancers to be great dancers and great role models for others.  They share their love of dance and challenges each person to do their overall best.  If a student wants to take one class a week or if a student wants tryout for one of the dance companies, Footsteps supports their dreams.  Footsteps focuses each person to be a champion in dance and in life.  From the youngest student, to the seasoned dancer, there is something for everyone at Footsteps.  From the time you enter the studio – you want to join in – you want to be a part of the Footstep team.  Our daughter is living her dream – through dance.”

Andrea and John Orr     Burnsville, MN