Footsteps Dance Studio, L.L.C. Class Punch Card. Once the purchase has been submitted, the class punch card will be available at the studio during your class time. Class punch cards are non-refundable.

Quantity Description Price
1Class Punchcard$120.00
Footsteps Dance Studio, L.L.C. Liability/Medical Release. I understand that participating in dance class and dance practice I will be partaking in active, physically demanding activities. I also understand that dance classes and rehearsals are inherently potentially dangerous activities. Therefore, I release Footsteps Dance Studio, L.L.C., its owners, instructors, staff from any and all liability arising from any personal injury, property loss or damage suffered or sustained by myself or my child(ren) in connection with or resulting from any or all activities engaged in as a student at Footsteps Dance Studio, L.L.C.. In case of a medical emergency, I hereby authorize the staff at Footsteps Dance Studio, L.L.C. to obtain proper assistance (calling 911), at my expense for myself or my child(ren). Dancers and their parents give their permission to Footsteps Dance Studio, L.L.C. to use photographs of the dancers during class time and/or any other dance event in connection with advertising or news coverage of our events. Upon submitting the registration, I agree to the terms stated above.